Studio Dress Code

The Academy has a studio dress code in place with the goal of bringing unity to our young dancers as well as to increase self-respect and self-esteem. A classroom with a line of well-dressed dancers speaks of discipline of the most positive sort, of cleanliness, and of order. The children are ready to dance when they put on their special ballet outfits. They also feel the progress when they move up to a class with a new color of leotard. Hair must be up and off the face and neck so that the teacher can see the clear outline of the body for postural and technical corrections.

All uniforms, leotards, tights and shoes are available at the studio.

CLASS Required Dress
Ballet ... pink tights; pink split sole slippers.
Creative Movement ... pink leotard/ skirt
Pre-Primary ... white leotard/ skirt
Primary ... periwinkle leotard/ skirt
Ballet I ... lt. blue/ skirt
Ballet II ... burgundy/ skirt
Ballet III ... forest green/ skirt
Ballet IV ... forest green
Ballet V
Advanced ... sea foam
Jazz ...any leotard, beige tights, jazz shoes
Modern ... leotard, tights or unitard, bare feet or paws
Tap ... any leotard, beige tights and shoes
Warm Up ... wrap sweater & leg warmers for warm up only!
Never ... Jewelry (studs only) / Street clothes.